Frequently Asked Questions
How old do you need to be to get a tattoo?
State law requires any person to get tattooed be 18. No Exceptions
Must have I.D. to present for release form.

How old do you have to be to get pierced?
State law requires any person to get pierced to be 18.
A person can have a parent sign for a piercing if 13 to 17 years old
Only an ear, nose or belly button can be done under 18.
Both minor and parent must have matching names and addresses, and both have to sign and have I.D.'s present for release form.

Do  tattoos hurt?
Everyone is different, but for the most part there is minor pain involved during the process. Depending on tattoo placement, some areas are a little more uncomfortable. But for the most part it's not that bad.

How Much does a tattoo cost?
How long is a piece of string? Hard to say without seeing it right?
Same goes for a tattoo, we need to see it to give you a price.
The shop minimum charge is $80, we also charge for larger pieces $150 an hour. Lets say you want a tattoo the size of the palm of your hand, depending on the detail and colors you can expect to pay somewhere around $150-$210, again it depends on a lot of things and its best to just stop in and talk to one of our artists.

Are you Licensed?
Yes. The shop itself  is not only inspected for building codes and safety every year by the Village of Crestwood, Illinois, it is also inspected for cleanliness, sterilization and tattoo and piercing procedures by the State of Illinois Dept of Public Health and a license from the State every year. Our tattoo artists, piercers and anyone that works throughout the shop must take a Blood Borne Pathogen Certification every year as well.

Can I make an appointment over the phone?
Sorry NO. Appointments are made in person and require a deposit, this deposit does go toward your tattoo, but it insures the artist that you will show up for said appointment.

Do you have Gift Certificates?
Yes! Any amount you want to do and they are good for 6 months

Can I have my friends or children with me during the process?
Yes and No. We would like to make your experience as comfortable as possible and we know that you want to share with friends and loved ones, please know that each artist has a 8x10 area to work in and that there are multiple artists working on any given day. Please limit the amount of friends that you have with you and we will try to accommodate you as best we can, with that being said, a Tattoo shop is no place for young ears or babies for that matter so we would rather your children stay home. 

Can I bring food or Drink?
Eat before you come in, its a sterile environment and we don't want people eating in the stations, Our artists cannot eat in their stations either. Drinks are fine as long as they have a cover or resealable cap.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes, also don't wear expensive clothes, the ink we use smears during the process and sometimes sprays a little, we will do everything we can to try not to get ink on your clothes, but know it does happen! So don't wear your $200 bra or your $600 Air Jordan's to get tattooed. Also if your getting a tattoo in a discreet place it might be a good idea to wear a bathing suit or similar outfit so things don't come popping out